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Car Rental Pontianak

Are you planning to come to Pontianak city or to other places in West Kalimantan Province?

Do you need a vehicle that can facilitate your mobilization while in West Kalimantan? be it with your family or for your work activities.

For that, you are on the right page, and we will help match your activities, be it for BUSINESS, work, family gatherings, or even a trip to Pontianak and other tours in West Kalimantan.

we provide several types of cars that can be used

car rental pontianak

For service users from abroad, we provide services with a driver who will guide your trip according to your desired destination

You can tell us where you want to go
or if you want recommendations for places you want to go, you can consult with us first so that your trip will be smooth and easy.

we will provide services and fees according to your needs, and will not make your finances wasteful.

plan your trip together right away, contact us on WhatsApp for more detailed information about costs and more.


we are located not far from the airport, it’s convenient for us and have a short time to pick up or drop you off at the airport


Don’t hesitate to use our services, because we have experience from 2014
serve many people and various purposes for work, business, or travel

Zhafira Car – Rental Mobil Pontianak

Reference tourist attractions that can be visited when visiting Pontianak

Equator Monument, Pontianak City Tourism Icon, as the only city in the world that is passed by the Equator, the 0 degree line that divides the North and South parts of the earth, in this location you can position your limbs in two different hemispheres. different at one time, such as the right hand in the north, the left hand in the south, or vice versa, or it can be other body parts. Another attraction here is that you can build raw eggs, the magnetic balance of the north and south earth allows you to build raw eggs in this place.